Precision-Based Immuno-Molecular Augmentation (PBIMA) and Personalized Edited Sequence (PES) is an approach to simultaneously activate or regulate the patient’s immune system as needed in a highly precise manner focusing it against a few specific antigens identified as disease cause.

PBIMA is a gene /protein /cell communication network-editing interface that finds and augments in repairing detected faults that globally effect an individual’s evolutionary regenerative adaptation and favors disease free survival.

NEO7 /Neo7Logix, offers this high affinity profiling, matching, selection based upon the patient’s own immune compatibility, immunoediting ability, and adaptation process in addition to treatment in the fight against disease. We are offering this platform technology to the market to collectively fight disease, save lives and give quality of life and longevity. This is a comprehensive solution from A to Z.

The Figures below illustrate process flow from patient sample through specified disease types: